Will you wish me a happy birthday?🍀

Date: 22nd December 2020

Time: 5:50 p.m evening

Can I be yours for a day?👑

I wanna catch your hand


Gently kiss your lips

In a dismay,

I wanna lean on your shoulders

the whole day!🦋

To your warmth,

I have missed

These 10 months

I know,

How days have been!😔

Without you,

I feel lifeless

Can you awake me for a day?😊

A year before on this day

You and I

talked for hours!🥰

I so want my first wish

to be yours


Can you feel that connection?🐙

I know, things are not the same


Just for a day,

Can’t you wish me a happy birthday?🎂

Hand in hand

we walked together

we dreamt and planned for miles

Don’t you miss those days?🕷

I do! 👩🏼

I don’t know,

why am I excited for my birthday


I am going to miss

your dearest wish!❣️

I won’t have that courage

to wish you

on your birthday,

Cause dear

The last message I have sent

on Viber and Instagram

I know they are left seen!😔

I know I am now totally unworthy

My dates are not your priority

but somewhere

My heart is still not ready

To believe,

things have changed already!🥺

My wish for my birthday

Is to be yours, for a day🥂

To go on a long trek

and live the day, for god’s sake!

Tomorrow I am going to age,

with wonders and memories


but somewhere

dedication for you is still the same!💓

I will come in your dreams,

Will you wish me a happy birthday?

Cause my dear,🍀

I wanna wish you on your special day!

I really wanna😭😔❤️


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