Will Saturday's ever arrive?

I wake up and open my laptop,

the same old option is that pops up,

6, I get a thrill. My alarm rings,

I am not ready, but it’s already 6:30!

I want to wake up and make my bed,

do my exercise, and chill all day,

go for a walk, then a photoshoot,


will I ever get a holiday?

I wanna bake,

let my body shake, take a selfie,

Am I happy or I am just confused,

I cannot solve the problems, is it a big issue?

I open my screen,

copy the answers,

where are the concepts,

the logic's they just taught.

Do I suck to understand,

I need to take a stand!

oH, DaMn! It’s my online class,

now to begin!

I hold my calci all day along,

getting the answers wrong,

all I can do is just freak out,

but I need to do it anyhow!

Will I ever get a saturday?

the same old pajamas,

lying on the floor,

am I still thinking about my course?

I get answers wrong, but I don’t ask,

I suck at accounts, but won’t I give up,

I wanna talk whole night,


why are these schedules always so tight?

I surf on the internet, answers all right,

I begin it on my own,

I keep on looking at the answers shown,

that’s what am gonna do whole night.

I wanna go cycling,

up the streets near my bakery,

then the message arises,

you gotta evening class

again at 6!

6, just thrills!

There’s a new recipe on the internet,

animes and series newly displayed,


I need to search for my audit pdf,

accounts reference and law revisions.

I wanna face time with my girls,

boast about things we have done,

am waiting, just waiting

for my days of independence!

Will Saturdays ever arrive?

The same old routine, I gottta gooo

I need to show,

oH, DaMn! It’s my class,

Now to begin!

Will I ever get a saturday?

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?