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we shall over meet some day!!

Aryan, do you remember me? Damn, do you remember our old school times? Those days when you and I used to fight every day, but we would never digest any third person sitting aside us. My bench partner for a year when I was in class 2. You and I were the greatest of enemies, but yeas the best of buddies too.

I left school after class 3, and I got to know that you left the school too. Pity on me, that I only remember your name and its not enough to find you on social media. No, one in the school knows about you, they don’t remember your last name, I tried super hard to find you but I couldn’t.

To my friend, who would teas me, whenever I entered the class room but would save me from every other nasty boys out there. The guy who would follow my actions to irritate me but would notice every single things about me. I don’t remember much about us, but I have a blurry vision of yours, somewhere in my mind. Honestly saying, I didn’t miss you when I left the school, but as if years passed away and I visited my old school, I saw everyone but something was missing there. It was you, Aryan, you weren’t there. I couldn’t even say a perfect goodbye to you.

As, I reached school I asked my friends about you, but no one was aware about you. From the day, I always carry an insane thought on my mind for not talking with you for the last time. I have missed you everyday, my dear bad boy. I know, you don’t remember things anymore now, but I have a clear vision of your acts somewhere embedded in my thoughts that can never be removed.

I don’t wanna make it much long,dear Aryan. I have always kept you in my prayers, I don’t know, but I wish I could meet you a day before I remain a story for this universe. A day when this earth will roll down and we gonna meet as strangers. That day, when I will write the longest blogs about you, in comparison with your childhood. With a solo hope of meeting you again for a perfect goodbye, dear bad boy!!

In my prayers, prasuma!!

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I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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