The perfect Imperfections of. PERFECTLY Imperfect Me!

I sit besides the window near my bed and see those dark trees and silent roads. Time: it’s 12. The silence of birds but the buzzer of insects, and I ask my-selves why is it so perfect every-time? But what’s perfect? Are nights or days? Nights are perfect for me but might not someone be waiting for mornings to grant as perfection? Isn’t it confusing? Yeass! I get confused many times too.

Questions in my mind, those perfect queries trying to find my so called perfect answers in an imperfect way, cause the perfect answers are not available cause every perfections has a perfect imperfection to add a beauty. What’s actually perfect? Tan, bright, dark, slightly dark or brown? Curly hair or straight? Bouncy or weighted hair? Bigger boobs or small ones? Curly eye lashes or straight? Tall or short? Fat or slim or muscle mass? Bright coloured dress or nude?

I used to label this weight as perfect, this height, this food, this dress and bla bla. I found them perfect cause, only thing I knew around was limited and thoughts were sorted. May be to think out of the box is a new word to us. To be different isn’t abnormal, it’s unique. Disables are differently ables. Waoooo, I see perfection in these so labelled imperfections.

The whole life I kept on being so nasty about me, my-selves, my body, my skin: it’s because I was comparing or I was being compared to. With whom? With the another person who is not perfectly perfect. By whom? Again those who are not perfect themselves! There’s nothing called perfect. Perfection has no limit, it has no standards, no one is perfect.

I don’t know who needs to listen this at this time, but yeas you are what you are and until and unless you are happy on what you are doing, you are amazing. You are being forced to count on your imperfections, because they are just unaware about diversity. We need variations in our food, body, we love to visit different places right? How monotonous would it be if we would have to est same food, same type of clothes and every places we visit are totally similar. Would it be beautiful if we all shared the same body, hair, thoughts? No nah. We all are one unique individual and every one of us are special on our own way. I tell youuu! Yeas you are amazing.

You are short? You are fat? Too skinny? Dark? Damn, flaunt it. Carry yourselves in an amazing way. Do your exercises, but don’t regret on having beautiful things you have. You are blessed. There isn’t a perfect height or a weight. It’s just criterion set to enter particular places and when we can’t make up to we say we are not perfect. But we can’t be perfect for everything. We are amazing on something others aren’t and others are on something we aren’t. So see! It’s variation. And I already told, same things are monotonous.

You are not happy chappy every time. It’s okay! We can be imperfect sometimes. We had emotions that situation demanded. Emotions too have variations, variations create unity in diversity. There’s not a person with same emotions every day. So it’s okay to experience emotions, you are allowed to.

Even nature faces disasters. Leaves fall down from trees. Sun sets.


Nature recovers by spreading more greenery, maintains water cycle. New beautiful leaves grow on trees, with flowers too. Sun rises again.

I fall apart into pieces sometimes, I scatter them, I lie on my floor and sob. I look at the mirror helplessly, I binge eat, I question, I stare from my balcony the whole day in unconsciousness. I watch rom-com and trigger my past.


Again I pick up my scattered pieces and stand up. I walk with my pieces, I wipe and tears and make my schedule. I routine my diet and exercises. I schedule my thoughts and My emotions. I read books that help me overcome my triggers.

I gather myselves.

Because I matter. No one is going to say that. I know I am worthy.

Help you to help you!

Vague sentence right. Situations will make you understand this. If you don’t you can ask me tooo!

But please do take care of yourselves. Cause we all are imperfectly perfect with all our perfect imperfections.

The perfect imperfections of perfectly imperfect me!


I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?