Roll your spoon: Cooking Rhythm (Blog 1)

August 10, 2020 (Monday)

Hey everyone! Like a big one ( Heyyyyyyyyyy) I am so excited today, cause I finally started this. My cooking journey. I don’t know who is my real inspiration, but I really felt attached to cooking. Like you know cooking gives me a rhythm free from all the stress, and makes me really happy.

I feel the amazing rhythm, chopping my veggies, garnishing and shimmering, blending my mayonnaise, rolling my pasta in a cream. I love to use my hands in simple blending, mixing and chopping, i.e. to make everyone explore the amazing taste of their foods even without mixer, blender or oven.

I tried this amazing vegan recipe from Radhi’s recipe. I read it and I really waned to try it. I wanned to give it my own name :

Potato-Palungo salad.

I have not completely used all the same ingredients as suggested, mixed some of my own ingredients too.

The salad made with the love of boiled-chopped baby potatoes, mixed with a thick creamy paste of : 2 spoon of vegan mayonnaise, 3 table spoon vegan yogurt, a table spoon of apple cider vinegar, half-boiled and smoothly chopped palungo, one and half table spoon of garlic-mustard-turmeric powder paste, half a table spoon of black pepper, heeng, sounf and chilli flakes and salt according to your taste, made my tongue really tempting. My veggies dancing and blending, I kept some coriander leaves to balance the smell and taste of the salad.

At first, I gave my brother to taste and he was like, I can’t relate to the taste, later we found out, he was not experiencing any taste cause he was only tasting the potatoes, than we tried a spoon filled of creamy paste rolled potatoes, he said, “It tasted divine”.

We been used to kind of mixed taste from very small, I got to know that the potatoes will also have their unique taste if we boil it in salty water, rather than normal water, so that the potato will absorb some amount of taste. Not mandatory depends on how you like your dish!

I was too sad when I woke up today, I had my regular online classes which really makes me so monotonous sometimes. Trying this new recipe I really felt like I forgot all my pains. Cooking nowadays has been my best thing.

Hahaha! The thing is I have my fasting today, I served this to my family, and they were really happy. Thank you so much Radhi for your amazing recipe. I will be trying new recipe’s twice-thrice a week from my all time favourite: my mother, different cook-books, videos and of course my own too and will be sharing the experience with you guys.

Stretch your self and shake a little with your cooking rhythm. love love guys! See you all soon!

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?