A deep solace to your emotions, my heart drowning to write,where I actually belong is somewhere very far. Surrender to every unhealthy thoughts, that made you away from me, I now want peace. Craving for silence to my mind, my heart has always denied and they been having a strange fight. My mouth utters something different than what my eyes been longing for the whole day.

To my subconscious understanding, my heart has now gave up. To every stories I have written in your presence to remembrance, are now lifeless and carry no worth. My desire to dream, been converted to a nightmare, I now want a sound sleep.

You and I been separating our paths, I know our thoughts still give a match, but now, I don’t care anymore. Your smiles are not my priorities, and your words not my necessities. I gave you freedom and you gave me experiences, bitter experiences, that are not gonna be repeated again. To my mistake on trusting you, I heartly apologize.

oh darling! I now no more want you!


I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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