I wake up everyday to love you, to embrace you and to gather the feel of you being by my side forever. To every nights, I miss your hands I hold the pillow besides me tight so that I can feel the warmth within you, but how can a pillow know the pamper I actually wanted. I see bad dreams every nights, and as I wake up every midnights I miss you, my hands in a dismay to call you cannot gather that courage.

Somedays, I miss you so bad, I feel so lifeless, wanting to hear your voice. I sometimes feel it’s more than enough but I can’t stop loving you. To the stars in the sky, I wish your good health and happy times with my brightest stars. 10:00 every nights at this time, I get a smile on my face. Why does the phase after 10 to wait for you feels so long, I can’t sleep until you wish me a goodnight. ❤

I don’t know, if you are into me, like I am deeply into you or not. No doubt you made me believe in love again, but this is also the fact that you made me realise that there is no expectations in love ❤. You made me realise the guy you love will only love you in his terms and conditions until and unless you are his priority.

May be I am not your priority like you are mine, indeed I am totally okay with it. I won’t force you to feel for me the same way, like I do for you. You are feel for someone from your heart someday and realise how much you meant for me! I may be suggesting you some tips those days to pamper her( the one you feel for). I would be happy!

Damn, four years I have loved you like anything, cuz I never treasure anyone in my life and once I do I can’t stop caring for them. You are one of them for me.

Every writings I have written in your presence to remembrance you are my 11:11 wish come true ❤. Your voice gives me a motivation to rise again. My love for you is never gonna change, till hearts gonna change meanings, but yeas I have always said you are free to move on if you start to feel for someone like I feel for you! Cuz I know I am not the one, whom you share your passionate love for! And I understand. ❤

Don’t think about me, I will keep on loving you, haha I won’t hinder your life though! I won’t come in your life again, but as a friend I am always there for you! Till eternity…!

That day, you will go away leaving me, yeas I am gonna break, I am gonna cry, I may not be able to handle depressions,I may not talk with anyone but believe me once I recover I am gonna change into the stronger version of myself. Our stories I am gonna share to the world. To the days, I started falling for you! Gonna teach my children to love and rise!

After we break, we may meet someday, that time don’t turn around and run, I would be happy to talk and know about your days! You are someone I keep in my prayers everyday!

My love
I love you ❤

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?