Let’s talk about us!


How we met and just started to look at the stars together. When a than cringe became cute words and we started cherishing them. How the Sky added colours in your presence and everything became so peaceful. About times when we were strangers but dreamt similar. Incidents that happened and we fell for each other.

When the first ray of sun hits my window, I miss hugging you tight. To the mornings, coffee would have been much more high than it is. The colours, the smell, the touch of this beautiful feeling, Universe wanted this to happen this time.

Let’s talk about times when we used to crave peace in silence. Moments that made us alive staring at each others eyes. Confessions that were skeptic, indeed felt like home. To times when we shared our dark stories and still thanked them for happening. When you first held my hands and looked into my eyes.

When my ears created a sink with your heartbeat and fell in love with it!


Let’s talk about times when we misunderstood each other and had ugly arguments. When days were darker, even in each others presence. The judgements we passed to each other, and felt like something was missing. The shedded tears, unsaid words and moments. You again felt like a stranger. May be, me too! Cuties again started being cringe. Overwhelming. We were insecure. And the silence was missing.

Fear of losing the person who gave colours, fear of losing my selves or the fear of losing my self worth.

And yeas,

Let’s talk about how we revived life again within each other. How we found peace and still kept staring. Colours became more joyful. How we communicated to pierce into confusions and made it happen again. Till now!

How far? I don’t know.

How long? I can’t say.

But, Till we both feel for each other.



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Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?