It was 6:30 in the morning, I was waiting for my alarm, half asleep, still on bed.

“hey, wake up, we have to go somewhere”. It was my friends message. I had tons of official workloads to do, and yeas I was busy enough to go with her. I found the next day was February 14 and it was meant to be Valentines Day!

I refused to go with her, next day I had a meeting with an international client and the whole day I had to prepare for that. She forced me, and of course I had to go. Besides all my remained workloads, I was literally not happy to shop for the day, I never believed on.

On the way, we took a cab, a cab driver was much frank. We had a cab tour of somehow one and half hours. We were both on our usual talks, and the cab driver was listening to us. As usual my friend was awaring me about my boring schedules and I never gave a damn on her words.

It was a sunny day, already 9:30 and I was counting and having a sneak peek on my mobile about tomorrows program. The cab driver was noticing us. He started a conversation, with us.

“So, you may have tons of surprise plans for tomorrow”, right?, I didn’t thought it necessary to be answered. I kept quiet.

My friend was busy in a chit chat with her boyfriend, like she always does. he again asked, “Madam, which lane to take? right or left”!

I replied, “right.” and I kept quiet.

He again said, “Ma’am tomorrow, lovers point is providing 50% discount for valentine couples, it can go useful for you”. I found no point on having a discussion on his statements, it was of no use to me, I slightly nodded my head, with no interest.

He was so eager on wanting to know us, he in curiosity, again asked, “Ma’am are you and your better half having an argument, you seem tensed”. loll, I was not even thinking for tomorrow, I was just on a pressure for my official chores.

I have to reply this time, otherwise he would make me sick. I replied, “ No, I am not in a relationship, I have no preparations for tomorrow and I am here just for my friend”.

He laughed loud, not in a relationship? What a joke!! What are you gonna do tomorrow then? Omygod, don’t you feel left out sometimes, sorry always? haha.. He was continuously speaking, my friend was still busy in her unnecessary chit chat. I was getting irritated.

Finally, we arrived. While getting out of the cab, the cab driver stared at me in a dismay and said, “Ma’am you don’t seem to be a 90’s kid”.

Ohh, I was literally holding my nerves then. Why is everyone so judgmental. I thing it’s totally on my interest if I don’t want any relationship goals or whatever we say.

What’s wrong on their conscience if I am not dating anybody, I am not into hugs and kisses, I love my sleep over whole night talks, damn care my body type, I just love to eat sleep and dream.

We came home after shopping all those valentines stuff, and I was so confused and somewhere disturbed by the words and acts of that fellow cab driver. Why did he react so weird and what was itching him so much? I didn’t understand his behavior, it was weird.

Only 90’s kid don’t stay in relationship, why is tomorrow gonna be lonely for me, it’s like a usual work day to me always.

I don’t understand people, yeas, I exist in 21st century, and I am independent enough. I give a shit on all these nasty days. May be someday, but not today, neither tomorrow, I will go on a long drive with my friends, am I wrong? Did I violate the rules of valentines? Should I be caged? Oh, no! I forgot, it’s valentines! But, Is it mandate??

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?