I am not guilty but yeas, I am sorry for being honest! Apologies for speaking my heart out, never did I think situations would go this far and you would again turn out to be a stranger! I actually thank you for never following the verses you said! I now found out, you were never into me like I was deeply into you!

My heart, in a dilemma of not saying anything before, has now no more hopes! I am happy that I am free now, cause I always thought I was the one who broke you into pieces and made you away from myselves! And I always hated myselves for that!

You know what, my poems are now gonna take freedom steps, and no more soul inside you would exist. You knew everything but you pretended hard. I would have never judged you, even if you speak the truth. It’s hard but it is, I always had a hope that one fine day you would reply! And that would be a perfect reply.

Yeas, you replied! I even spoke my heart out, but you gave a perfect reply, in a sense that I no more have courage to send you a message request ever again. To the last breath of my life, it can never change again, you were the first love of my life, but yeas as I said, I don’t feel in a way I used to before!

Cause I now no more want heartbreaks! You don’t exist in my heart now and neither do I wanna stay in yours! I set you free, go and live your life! I have stopped stalking you I swear, believe me this heart is never gonna feel ever again like used to before!

I found my answers in your insecurities, but trust me I am not going to follow you! Damn, I have never been a person doing acts that the next person wont love.

Hey, I just said, this heart mistakenly felt for you some years back! And I just wanted to apologize by speaking the truth and nothing more❤️.

You go and live your life, and I am gonna live mine! We would be stars somedays, and yeas may friends too, but from today you have turned into a stranger now.

If rebirth exists, may we be friends again. I have lost people who have loved me like anything, just because I never found that you vibes in them.

In our relation it was you who started, and it was I who initiated afterall it was again you who ruined! And it’s over now!

I have moved on and so have you I know! I gave up on you, cause I found out, I never meant to you! And yeas, it’s totally fine!

I am not someone who would say, I am happy in your happiness, no I am not that kind, I give a damn fuck about your happiness, cause we are now separated!💀

Please, don’t admit insecurities, I have never wondered for things that are never meant to be mine! So are you!

Good life ahead!Dear stranger🖤

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?