Dear love,

Happy Valentines Day! ❤

Far from physical world, somewhere the only instance of you and I being alive is what makes my heart believe in the miracles of meeting you someday.

That day, I will hold your hands, and walk through those dusty meadows like it’s our’s and only our’s, I still get goose bumps. Tightly in your arms, listening to the beat of your heart like it’s my only love rhythm.

You are someone to whom I wake up to. Our soul being alive and connected, the bond that exists is something I can’t say, relate to what exactly it is! Just not love, it’s more than that.

Hours and hours we have spent together talking, planning and dreaming trust me, they felt as if clock skipped their timings every time.

Am I still supposed to say that I miss you? Days I have waited to write eagerly for you, to days in dilemma, it is so different, I don’t know why.

Dear love, they say what’s meant for you will come to you, that day you came to my life, I never felt like other visitors. Millions of people, sharing millions of loving hearts, but yours is the only I wanna pierce into, till my heart beats. To the bonds I shared and share with, you are most precious bond I am gonna cherish my whole life for. To the love we share, I can never imagine someone except you.

You are my favourite human and my happy soul. Your existence brings life to my living and your presence a charm to my life.

Days now have somewhere swapped, unknown and uncertain, what’s yesterday was different from what’s today and I don’t know about tomorrow. I can’t even dig in to your life, but send you love and love.

To this beautiful day, when hearts are meant to share their love, from my heart to your heart I send you love and gratitude for making me feel so special even for some instances in my life. To your warmth, I miss them every nights. Down beneath the corners of every story I recite, I dedicate you, in every beautiful phases I have explained.

My star knows, you know that bright star I explained you about, every nights I send you messages through it. You sitting besides me every time you looked into my eyes with a smile, I felt for you: twice, thrice.

Some instances become memories, and memories never leave. Wishes of growing old together, and miles planned, I embrace them every time I scroll pictures of us. The times we have swapped glasses to take the last sip from each others, I no more take that last sip now, you are somewhere alive within me and my memories, that make me smile ❤

I keep you in my prayers, thinking about you I can’t stop smiling, like it’s my time.

In this beautiful day, I wish for your dreams to transform into reality, hopes get destined, and beliefs to actions. To days you have made me smile, may karma come back to you, with someone making you the happiest, you deserve every bit of that sweetheart. To my heart, it still miss your presence but the good part is they don’t capture my days like they used to. To your heart, I send it courage to love and live more.

You exist in every pretty smiles I see, and I respect everything you did, that helped us to grow separately. Together we were beautiful, independently we are beautifully amazing, right?

With lot’s of lovee,

Dear heart ♥️

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?