Hey, how you been? ❤

Happy new year, happy soul! ❤

Do you remember, just a year ago this day we had a girls date out together, with the co-incidence of our same matching colour dress code and shoes. It was like we planned for the day, but it wasn’t actually the truth. Making everyone aware about our invitation at last only two of us were left but we made it successful. It was no doubt the best start for my new year 2076.

To someone who have always been there, when I needed her the most. From my happy days to ups and downs I went you were someone who was always by my side not judging the emotions and reactions I made. From being my best listener to my motivator, you are my happy soul and will always b

I don’t write for anyone, cause I don’t feel like. Words are numerous but the ones we pour from our heart is something that really means. I have always written for one particular person in my life, and if this would not have happened may be today I might have been blindly writing about him. But you know what, I am happy though. I have been remembering the good time spent with my friends and family and writing for my friend who actually deserves my words.

You have been there from situations when I was totally happy and in love to the days where I have broken and shared about my nightmares. To the days of being moreover cared and then the days of betrayal. Every morning was a challenge to face a new day, sitting constantly in front of my laptop and writing for that one particular person who doesn’t even gives a shit, I today realized how unnecessarily was I wasting my words and degrading it’s value.

I write to create smiles, not for fantasy or publicity. What if my writing cannot provide the warmth and happiness to the reader, I somewhere failed in my own motto, isn’t it?

I am thankful for having you, who is always so cheerful and positive about life. To all the motivational talks we share, believe me your call is no doubt an energizer to my day. To further days, schedules are gonna be hard, may be out of social medias but remember whenever you need me, I am just a call or a message away from you. Just close your eyes and smile even in your hard days, I can feel the vibration and will provide you all the positive energy I can.

2076 taught us many things and made us realize life can make a turn anytime, just we need to be prepared for every challenges on our way. Law of attraction also says, the hard times are the test universe has been granting you to know how fearlessly you are going to get rid of it cause the best path is on your way. We just need to have patience and faith! May be good times are yet to come and universe has been challenging these days.

The message you sent to him without fearing what would the particular person respond as, I feel so blessed of having you all. How can I forget the plans we have made after our course completion, the girls night out, durbar marg reservations and trips, we are going to make all of those successful. Just a year and everything is gonna be amazing. Will be back completing my dedications and determinations.

You are the sweetest and no doubt the prettiest. You deserve the best and trust me you are going to go high! Just remember there are friends who are always there for you, don’t let anyone hurt you and rule over your emotions. I know you will beat every challenges with a grace! You go girl! All the best wishes from my side! You are amazing and don’t forget to smile after you read this hai. ❤

With lot’s of wishes!


Happy new year! Eat, sleep and repeat!