Dear mom, ❤

You are special!

Today I would like to take you to a feel, where your inner wounds would heal and our negative hacks would seal even for a day. Landing life in a paradise, from a heavenly womb, I nave nothing more than uttering my thankfulness to you.

To the priceless times, you been giving being my support system since day 1, life would not have been this beautiful if you were not always there to motivate. Well, our mother earth been taking a good rest from all the pollution, we having no access to any thing in this certain time of lock down, the only gift I can give you at this time is showering my words of love and gratefulness towards you. I ain’t shy but awkward to express my words full of love and that’s not obvious.

I love you ❤

How can a princess not celebrate her Queens day, and today its your day, my Queen!

You aren’t a diva,but you are the most beautiful human I feel and I adore for. You must not be changed to get love, because you are the cutest among st all in your own way. The restrictions you abolish may break my smile indeed they always be the reason to establish the permanency for my happiness. May I not regard you as my best friend but you are the locker for my secrets, google for my confusions and a pillow for my emotions.

To all the hard times I have been through, been chasing other people for love and support, I could never realize there was a magic in your hug, that would make me forget all the hard times I been going through. May be we don’t share pictures on social media wearing the same sorts of clothes or happy videos, but that’s okay! We carry and create a bond and that’s beautiful. You mean something more than anyone and that’s not gonna change.

You are precious!You have shaped the bricks within me to create a concrete, which is on progress. It may take time, but trust me the base is stronger, it’s going to have a perfect shape. I credit you to all my happy times!

Now, I realize your support in this captivating journey of 19 years is your unconditional love towards me and you expect the same from me.

With an open heart, I have no shame to shout, ‘I love you and Happy Mother’s day’ Momma.

-Babu ❤

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?