Tmi sabai bhanda khas xau, tesaile ta sabai bhanda priya xau!

With lot’s of hugs and wishes, I wish you the best times to rule your day. It’s quarantine and we all been locked in our houses, today you are the quarantine queen!

From my heart to your heart, I today transfer you all the positivity inside me, just to add an extra glow to your day. To my friend, who never judged anyone, but accepted the way people are: you are my best example of friendship. Every places I visited and plans made with you, trust me I felt like a free bird in your company! Regardless of all the sayings people say about friendship, you are a saying I can feel blessed for having my entire life. You taught me the meaning of love and compatibility and I am always grateful to you for that.

You are someone to whom I can share my weirdest fantasy, my happiest moments and my heartbreaks. To my strongest version, you are amazing and you know that. In your very day, I wish you the best crown on your head, like the one you brought on my birthday and roll the magical stick to make this universe yours, why not even for a day.

From longing years of awkward rivals to undoubted miraculous bonds we shared and still share, my words are happy to write for you. Wake up, get dressed in your favourite attire and do your favourite thing. To the photographs for your day, I promise to click your best pictures once everything get;s fine. Check your feeds, there might be tons of pending birthday wishes. If it was a normal day, you would not have had a perfect space to reply. My girl, gather all the best wishes from people who really care for you! ❤

You are special!

Tmi sadhai khusi rahanu sathi, ❤

Love yourself like never before!

The one’s who love you: you will always have their back!

Happy birthday sathi ❤

Dherai dherai maya ani subhakamana!

Tmro sathi! (haha)

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?