Dear 2021,

I now bid a farewell to 2020, and am ready for every challenges, times and happy phases to accept in 2021 as mine. As a whole, I from the core of my heart welcome you dear 2021.

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2020 was different, somewhere between the corners of my room, in a device, I had to reschedule my plans and purposes, but the best part is GOAL was no different. I saw my parents suffer, the crisis of emotions, money and wellbeing. I saw a time where we would wake up to the same schedule, and see every person changing paths away from us, as we did not carry the same power and prestige as before. I have seen my family gone through worst terms and conditions, health hazards and a new shocking news the every other day. I have seen my parents plan days and weeks, with no clue on what is going to be next. I have seen my father being the only source of income, where rest of us were having our business down. I have seen people getting rude for money, people who were with us, not wanting to be with us. I saw the cruel side of money in 2020 indeed. Seeing my family and people around me breakdown, somedays were surreal.

It was a different year where our lives were somewhere limited between the support of masks, sanitizer and gloves. The every day news more viewed than horoscopes were covid-19 updates. People not being able to meet their loved ones away from them, it somewhere made us realize the strength of technology in relationship management. The fear of loosing, and the expectations of getting back to normal life, 2020 was an overcoming challenge to all of us.

I gained my best people in the begining of 2020. I must say, I had a miraculous life at the start. Getting wishes from people, who were and still are so dear to me, I can’t explain how grateful I am that 2020 happened. I wrote my precious pages, some people quoted forever.

I found my worst side in 2020. I saw myselves not wanting to get out of bed. Fearing from the next morning everyday, there were times that I was out of life, out of hope, from the situations I was dealing with. When I today think of issues I went through those times, I feel how immature I was. I never realized that love comes from within, may be I was forcing people in my life not wanting to be with me, to be with me forever. I today feel bad for them, I was a baby in my emotions, so immature to learn and know about your feelings and compulsions.

The biggest challenges to cope of with, I was getting my colleges done at 2020, which remained incomplete, but the pressure of online class was something different than before. Getting away from social medias and distancing myself from many people, I don’t know may be I was wanting to know myselves.

I lost connection with many people I adored being with in 2020, but I found deeper connection with people, who really are right for me. I found the best life coach. I went for online counselling for the first time, I saw myselves break and going through counselling's everyday. There were times when I every day needed someone to say that, yeas, you were not that bad.

Indeed 2020 was a miraculous year, I did every thing I feared of doing:

  • I learned cycling
  • I got my license
  • me and sabi collaboratively started mir attract(youtube channel)
  • I learned video editing, finally.
  • I met my favourite people
  • I went through online courses
  • I went through counselling
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The best part of 2020 was: I learned to love and value myselves, I learned to take care of my emotions and not criticize myselves, cause at last what matters is me and my emotions.

The biggest lesson learnt was: never hurt people who care and value being with you(your parents), no one is for granted in your life and you are not for granted in anyone’s life, you matter and so does your emotions. When you love something or someone, don’t expect the same emotion from them, cause it’s not necessary that the next person must feel the same way. Be happy and celebrate your smaller occasions and achievements, make goals and work on them, work on your body and your health.

Any one liking or not liking, wanting or not wanting to be with you, does not determine your worth. 5 billion people around the globe and 5 billion thoughts, you can’t be liked by every one, but you are special. Even if you break down, you will rise again.

I am so grateful for 2020. I am already ready to see what 2021 holds for me. I got a message from sabi, that I got vibes that 2021 is going to be beautiful, that striked me so much. I want to experience, how matured has 2020 made me, how am I now going to work on myselves and my hard times. How am I going to deal with criticism and bullies? How am I going to take challenges on my way? What is going to be the highlight for 2021,like for 2020 it was;

  • the documentary did with prasansha
  • 15 days chloe ting challenge
  • Mir attract
  • Celebrating my birthday
  • Sudha di’s life lessons
  • Trekking to champadevi, organized by me
  • Halla bollw and talk time with sajz
  • Cap 2 preparation and exam phase

I am so thankful for every people I met in 2020, who were continuously there supporting me in my up’s and downs, if I list them, it is going to be a long list, but I keep you all in my prayers and wish the best for you and your health with my ganesha.

2021: I promise you, in every challenges life is going to shower me with, I may mess up but I will close it, will go through it with a smile.

  • I won’t take people in my life for granted, cause every one is special and will always be.
  • every good or bad things that are going to happen, has a cause behind that is going to help to shape me in my better form.
  • I am never going to criticize my body or my well being, rather I would work on it.
  • I won’t seek attention or expect things from any one, people I love or like or care for, cause every one has their different priorities so have I.
  • I am not going to compel myselves to attend events or meet people whom I don’t feel comfortable with.
  • I am going to go through my courses, damn enough of vacations now, this june, I need to grab my exam now.
  • I will never ever let my self worth down or any one cross the boundaries of me and my bond with myselves.
  • I will love myselves, more and accept every thing life ahead has planned for me.
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Dear 2020, thankyou for everything ❤

2021, with my arms raised and hearts embraced, happy first day of january. I wish I write the longest blogs to touch the lives of people this year. May I see happiness and charms in people around me.

Happy new year everyone, people reading this, hearing this and people getting the vibes of me sending you all a beautiful wish for the year ahead.


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I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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