I lost my passion in my profession, someone said, it was because I was never passionate towards my profession.

For me dreams were visual movies, that we only see during our sleep and disappear as we get back to reality. To the extent, they were entertainment to my subconscious sleep, I would discuss with my near ones, the portion I can recall about.

Never been said, never been taught, when I used to fill the auto diaries of my friends, to act cool I would fill dancing and singing in the blank for passion, but never did I knew passion is equals to profession that has been trying to ask us in an informal way. Just to make us feel comfortable about ourselves, and not make it mandatory like writing an essay about ourselves for that 5 marks in examination. Don’t you think we begin to judge ourselves in a different way, and make sure we write only obedient facts about ourselves, so that the teacher won’t get ruthless and give us a good grade? How can our personality being judged in marks, given by some other characters, is it fair?

The fact is when I was young I was neither into dance nor music. I actually loved sports, but I lost my interest as I had a clingy thought of sports been only for boys,but actually it isn’t. I loved travelling, I loved creating poems, essays, I adored beauty peagents, I enjoyed giving speeches, I loved the fashion flow, medias and mass, but above all these I was introvert, in a case I was super introvert. My interests were only upto my diary, and I could never speak!

Little than I started to know myself, I started thinking about my career moreover than what I actually wanted to do. I started searching about the highest paid jobs, wasn’t that so immature of me? Basically, I sidelined my interests, I would say my passion, my real passion.

Entrepreneur in making to be, I always had a dream of doing something different in a better and easier way. To the most contradicting education system residing here, I have always visualized of creating the practical or theoretical education according to the choices.

I am actually not trying to judge the education system, as if I know many of us have been taught to run for grades and position everywhere, till our very young ages, no doubt that has been our ancestral tradition so far, but what’s the use of those grades in boards if we have to google for highest paid courses after that?

feel free to fit in! cuz you gonna live in!

There have been times, I have felt very low, questions hindering me, me going through motivations, lives of successful people, indeed I was never satisfied, you know why? Because, in the race of wondering successful people, I never went through the motto of my life, I never read those diaries I used to write when I was young, I somewhere was searching for my happiness in life stories of some other people. So, did that make any senses?

After all ,I am happy! I write my own journals without the fear of getting less marks, I watch my favourite shows despite the ones that has been liked by majority, I take a time to think what actually makes me happy and everyday I treat myselves with my favourite foods of the day. I love zumba, and I am gonna continue no matter how hard I loose my weight, it gives me happiness. I am gonna fearlessly write my blogs, speak my heart out, despite the huge audiences who cheer for you, there are some very little people who actually care.

Someway disagreeing in a sense that only a study day is profitable, and we got ages for fun, no dear it’s today and everyday is meant to be about happiness, spreading love, go for an evening walk with your loved one, spend some time with your old grandparents, photograph them, have a watsapp video chat with your brothers next door, life is so much fun, you just need to make it,not fake it!

Every day is beautiful, just go through your passion, you dont need to google your profession and not make your dreams only fit in your visualization, characterize them into reality!

Stay motivated, peps!

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?