In this phase of glam, fame, social media’s, relationship goals, photo critics, fashion, consciousness about our body, thoughts, way of speaking, walking, our manner of responding, judgement, competition, rules, regulations, ethics: the one’s we don’t give a damn about all these things and be in our real version is with our best friends.

Best friends are our best therapist. They are the people with whom you can share your harsh weakness and still feel strong, you feel so comfortable in their company that you can even fart high and not even say sorry. They make our bad day beautiful.

You can share about your worst breakup the whole night, and they would never think you were cringe. In your hardest times people who really pray for you, and will crack jokes even when you are crying at your worst mood. They will make fun of you, tag you in meme’s but they are one’s who will always be your best motivation. You don’t need to search for counselor's or therapies.

Best friends are our everyday journal. You can go meet them in your pajama’s and click best photos. You can gossip the whole night, they won’t stop, they would add spices to our talks and make it hilarious. We can have nicknames that are not even supposed to be spoken in public but we enjoy. Haha, best friends do have secrets too.

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You may not be able to talk to strangers when you are alone, with your friends you are the leader of the team. It’s okay to carry tiffin from home even in your bachelor’s, cause you don’t really think who will even be noticing us. You will be planning for birthdays since month, and can pretend like you really don’t care.

Friends are someone, with whom you enjoy punishments and embarrassments too. We even today laugh, the day we were getting suspended from college (our whole gang indeed). People you don’t need a subject to talk about, and can talk for hours. Your friend’s enemies are no doubt your biggest enemies. My best friends are the only people with whom I can really share my Ice cream with.

You don’t need to be picture perfect. Beyond all the allegations of your characters, there are people who would listen and at last say, “you don’t need to change, you are amazing”, they are best friends. Who would call you and make sure you had a great sleep during your hard times. Who will click your pictures the whole day and you can complain, I didn’t like any.

You can be a dancer, singer- even if you have a horrible voice, a poet, a painter with your best people. They won’t notice your criticizing size. It’s fun. You can get drunk, make chat-pates at park, bunk classes and dump toxic’s.

The one who is reading this, You know what you are worth it. You might be going through exam pressures, judgement, critics, breakups or heartbreaks. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. There are people who accept the way you are. Call your best people and share everything, there are some people we don’t need permissions to call. We don’t need to fear, need timings to meet, they might be busy but trust me they will be there for you. You are blessed. You don’t need to count blessing if you have best friends. You are lucky and you deserve that.

Send a beautiful note to your best friends, assuring that you are there for them. Some times we have to do this. Hey, pick up your device and call your best friends!

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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