Dear girls,

Fashion is something, that doesn’t needs a theoretical learning. It’s on the way you like to decorate yourself. You know, your body and your priorities. You know the match that suits your body the most. You know your body kind more than any judgments out there.

I have seen many girls panicking to dress themselves up. They just are confused on which shop to go and what to buy. These days, people are just wondering and gathering ideas to go top on fashion. Fashion models these days are more than the mark. It’s a happy thing that our Nepal is being advanced in fashion.

we create our own fashion.

Fashion doesn’t only mean to wear expensive clothes. It’s on the way you dress. For example, you been wearing a designer ware gown, it looks amazing but the sleeves just went over size. You would look fashionable, but you just have to concentrate on the sleeves and you just lose your concentration too. So fashion is all about being stylish with comfort. A white t-shirt with a tight blue jeans can never go out of fashion and is super comfortable to fit in. To look fashionable in it, you can team up with amazing pair of sneakers and a fanny bag. It lets you out of confusion and makes you look more stylish.

Today fashion bloggers are the most viewed people in YouTube and are searched in social websites, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and all that. Girls fashion is just flourishing. You don’t need to search for expensive markets. Sometimes you can also use a denim skirt with a shirt and look stylish. Something every girl have in her wardrobe. In summer you can go white on white, with a contrasting black belt and black sandals. And you are done. I think a bag always adds a beauty to your outfit, to help you look more stylish.

Ooh yeas girls, why don’t you utilize your brothers t-shirt and shirt. You would look amazing. Your brothers check shirt can add an amazing colour. Yeas, it may go over sized but a tuck is always there to save you. You can create a beautiful off shoulder with it. We look to amazing fashion stars like Kylie Jenner, Gigi hadid, Kim Kardashian, and we just panic on the lifestyle we have. But yeas we can slay on our own way.

Whenever you get confusions on the way to dress yourselves, remember the simplest clothes that can be used from your wardrobe and you can slay. Here are some few tips I can give girls to exaggerate their confusions.

On a simple basis: during summer which every girl have,

1) White shirt always goes on fashion with jeans, shorts as well as denim skirts.

2) White tee, an over sized looks more stylish with the shorts.

3) One piece and a pair of sneaker looks amazing.

4) Comfy spaghetti, jumpsuits white sneakers, a cap always adds your style.

5) A good hand bag or a back pack makes you elegant.

6) You can also add a good pair of shades to your outfit and you are done.

On simple basis: during winter which every girl have,

1) You can team yourselves up with a sweater and jeans with a good bag.

2) A boot will always add winter glow.

3) You can also pair your long jackets with a body cone sweater and a good pair of jeans.

4) A winter cap makes your style more elegant.

5) You can team your dressing with a winter scarf and a good pair of shades.

6) Comfy boots and shrug layering also looks stylish and cozy in winter.

Just these are some ideas, which are very basic and I think everyone knows. We only need an idea to carry that look and everyone can look stylish. So girls never panic and shop according to your choices. You have the right to dress yourselves in an amazing way.

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?