Why do I symbolize you this way? Still….

May be because you were my wish come true.

There are days I keep on dwelling on things, super demotivated and fatigue at the same time. There even are days I am so overwhelmed by things around me. I don’t check my social media often, I have somewhere not been so applicable with social media these days.

The best thing about being away from crowd is that you get to know yourself more. It’s been a long since I have not written with whole of my heart. My favourite place of letting my heart out is by writing and everyone close to me knows that though. 💜

I wanna say you something, things really don’t affect like they used to before, when I used to feel bad than I knew what really did affect me those days, now these days when I feel low I really can’t figure out the cause damn.

Somedays, things capture my days like anything and the whole day I keep on staring from my windows, somedays I feel like I no more wanna talk to anyone, I don’t know why. Somedays I feel like sitting on that silent corner of my room and do nothing. Thousands of chores to do, days are passing but I am paused. Why? I don’t know. Do they affect? I even don’t know that.

I don’t know, what’s wrong with me now, I am just tired and my thoughts never leave me. Am I overthinking? May be yeas. I can’t be able to concentrate. I can’t figure out my worth. What am I good at? Accounts? Ofc not. What am I doing for my career? Accounts ! Damn!

This is surreal right.

I have accepted everything that happened in this past year, and I no more have guilt for anything. I respect you and your decision, but why something still feels empty? Incomplete?

The fact of you and I never meeting again makes me restless, even though there’s no meaning of us meeting again. I am okay, but not okay at the same time.

Does this happen with anyone? And how do we deal with these turmoils? I would love to hear your experiences, as my motivation to cope up with things.

Dear you…

Damn this time I just bragged about my self and my stuffs. How are you? How’s college? I send you lots of good-wishes and gratitude.

Take care yea❤️


I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?