I know, you still exist in some part of me. My happy version. I know you are a favourite part of me, I only think to be! Do I somewhere exist within you? Or am faded along with time! 🍀 My dear you! You will remain the favourite chapter of my life forever!

That day, I will write the longest blogs on you, that day life will take a turn, that day I will close chapters of untold mysteries somewhere within words that will remain forever, in books!

To those whose chapters were unfinished, to those who stopped believing, to those who loved!

I am happy to be in your story, which will be written and recited by me my-selves! Biography, you will write about yourselves and I won’t be a part of it I know! Those stories got a look, which remained untold! Unfinished! With hopes and expectations! Prayers!

How are youu? It’s been half a year now😭❣️

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?