Dear Technology, I wanna Date you!!

Before you and I became friends, I used to chill all day out like I had no work to do at all. I used to strive for hours thinking what would I do the next. Mom and Dad were always busy on their official stuffs, and I was like left out. I used to have toys, I would expect them to speak, but they never did. I had lifeless times, out of the school. Holidays, were like shit prayers to me, which i never wanted.

2007, Dear technology, I met you for the first time. My dad brought an I pad for me. I was so excited for what it was. I slowly learnt to accessorize it. It became my best friend. I used to watch my interests. Now, I wanted more holidays to spend time with my best friend. It would speak to me, it would show me my best cartoons and introduce me to new places, new people and make me feel happy. When I used to be sad it would show me funny videos and make me laugh. I was no more lonely than.

Today, it’s 2019, and I still consider technology to be my best buddy. My mobile I keep aside me during night, wakes me up on my appropriate time, and remains silent as I turn on the silent mode. I don’t need a human shout, my mild alarm can take care totally. When I get sick, I don’t need to panic, my siri makes a call to my doctor and I can rely on bed with no intense tension.

I am a foody, but I just don’t know how to cook food. My momma’s busy and she don’t carry a time to teach me. I can search for the recipe in you tube and cook accordingly. If not that, I will go to my mobile apps, order the food and yeas I am no more hungry. I wanted a guy who would prepare a coffee to me, but he would argue. My robot Sofiano is preparing a dark coffee for me and he won’t argue with me. He would mend my bed and make me aware of all my routines. I don’t need a guy who offends.

Technology these days have become more sensitive and emotion understanding than human thoughts.

I always wish to go out to spend some quality time with people, but they make excuses. My friends are super lazy and they would never love to go out. I can’t change my plans, I would better love to turn on my google map, set the location on my car and play a loud music which I love the most and go for a long drive with myself. Why should I fear, I am protected with technology.

I would better love to update my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts with my amazing photos, I can click my selves with a selfie stick or a tripod stand setting a timer. If a pimple disturbs my photograph, I would discard it with Photoshop. My photos can be seen by everyone with loads of likes and comments. I would probably make videos make myself engaged.

I needn’t worry about my trips or plans, I just will go to my mobile app and search for the weather forecast. I know, a guy can cheat but my mobile would never lie to me. They all love me so much, that whenever they get lost, they find me with a tracking service. I would never have to face boring situations, I can go through my mobile games and win prizes too. Woo, Isn’t that exciting?

Oops! Only an hour left for a party and I have to take a shower, how would I manage my hair. No worries, I will dry and straighten my hair and it’s done. I will throw unwanted hair from my face with my laser pen. I won’t get bored at the party, I will take a headphone and listen to music if I don’t find it interesting. Libraries, these days are so expensive, but yeas, I will open my mobile watt pad and read as many books as I can.

So, why do I need to worry, If technology cares me more than a guy does. Today, people have gone heartless. They are ready to cheat, hurt and kill anyone, to cross their limits. Why do I need to stay in a fearful relationship. I don’t need any argument, don’t need to follow any relationship taboos, expect more from anyone, eat and wear according to my choice, and not bear any heartless emotions to harm my selves. I don’t need to face any tragic’s and go through all those unwanted dramas for sure. I am happy with the security, my life long friend.

I wanna date you technology!! You never leave me alone!



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Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?