Dear you ❤

I saw you in my dreams even today. Wanting to talk to you everyday makes me weak. Striving to listen your voice days are really getting hard.

You know what, I now found out what anxiety really means to be.I feel like, the night never fades away, and I never get out of my sleep. Life went unpredictable so did happened everything.

Where are you? How are you? Are you fine? Did I do anything wrong that pissed you in such a way, you decided to go away leaving behind so much of question marks in my head, that never let’s me be free. I always said you, You are free to move on anytime you want to, but please do tell me that you are going away.

I am going through some kind of anxiety and stress. I can’t sleep! I cry every days and nights when I am alone and even when I am with my family. My mother never leaves me alone in my room. I have no hard feelings for you, cause I was the one who sunk so much and could not rise.

For one last time, let’s have a good goodbye. I have no expectations of you coming back to me now. But just for one last time, call me or contact me to wish me a goodbye. Just tell me you are going I will never come in your life and your emotions.

Somewhere I will be praying for you. Let’s not make our relation this strange, that you and I will be changing our paths even if we meet on the road someday. Let’s be buddies, to call when you wanna hang out. Let’s be friends to share good and bad times. Forbidding the romance we had in our relation, let’s start a new bond of friendship. We will be talking about our loved ones to each other not in an awkward way, but in a chill manner.

Don’t fear with me. I am always there for you when you need me the most. I can now regard you as my good friend more than my love someday. I will be happy in that relation too. I just want us to be friends forever. I don’t want us to share that awkward bond of never talking to each other. Believe me I won’t force you for the same romance we had. It might be fun too.

Just take care of yourself!

Always there for you! Always and Ever!

Lot’s of love! ❤

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?