Good afternoon baby! ❤

How is everything going on? Are you fine love? Today also I saw you in my dreams, you came back in my dreams and as I woke up it was the same harsh reality of you not wishing me a subha din!

To express how much I miss you everyday is super killing me from inside. You won’t pickup my calls and I know that. Since, this is the only medium I can choose to express my words wanting to reach towards you in a sense that you may read all these some days very soon.

It kills me from inside, when I go through our chats and photos, i.e why I have stopped using my mobile. These 7 days without you have been no less than 7 years of long unwanted journey to me. Now with no expectations and hopes of getting you by my side and holding in your arms, this heart never stops thinking and feeling for you everyday.

Today, I have gone a bit fresh. Started to go through my course book a bit I even slept today at afternoon. I have not started using you tubes, cause I don’t know why you tube makes me restless. I remember you saying I am always there for you no matter what happens I life, and today when I need you the most, you are not with me.

Remember our late night talks, those 11:11 which you used to remind me everyday (today I don’t even remember 11:11, if I would I would probably wish to listen your voice).No matter what others say, I have a trust and faith in you.

Take your time, my love! As I said you, I am always there for you no matter what happens in life. This heart is never gonna love anyone like it has loved you! You have made me wake up with lot’s of love within my selves and made me sleep with your love. You know, your calls are my priorities and your voice’s my necessities to be.

No matter we talk about so many guys and girls, the only person I mean to in my life is you. Staying this away from you has been killing me and writing is my only place to express. Who would talk with me the whole day like you would in your absence. Pity on these days, they been missing your late night calls! Though I wish for your good health everyday.

Checking my feeds, makes me sad. May I not be able to connect with anyone for some years in my life, I wish you the luck in every steps of your life. You know what in every success you achieve I would be the happiest of all praying for your goodwill my heart.

You hold the whole of my heart like it’s only yours and I can’t even help my selves on that. Your rhythm that created my love song and is still incomplete. Please come fast, life miss you the most.

I love you! Even today, I prayed for your good health with my Ganesha. exchanging vibrations and my positive vibrations are gonna keep you fresh everytime!

lot’ and lot’s and lot’s of love ❤

Your’s Nobita!

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?