Dear you ❤

Here goes my second letter to you!

How are you? Good morning! You know, I wish you a good morning and a goodnight everyday! Even today, I saw you in my dreams, I was so happy but as I woke up, I started to cry! Cry like anything cause my reality has betrayed my harsh dreams and dreams has gone better than reality.

It’s been 6 days we are out of contact. I am dying to know the reason behind your responses. I can feel the ignorance, but at the other side my heart can never allow to hate you. It has been dependent I guess!

My brother is hating the habits I have been following. I sleep with mamu, I don’t feel like sleeping alone and wait for your unexpected calls. Haah, I feel like I can write pages on you. Strange? nah. I said I will get attached.

Somewhere far from me, may be you are busy in your comfort zone. Having the space you always needed, I was in a dilemma of being your support and motivation every time. You no doubt, made me out of frustrations some days before but today you made me go through the worse situation than before.

I today found out something. I felt a kind of freshness within me today. Wanting to talk to you for one final time, I wanna make sure you and me can remain good friends, you know the chilling buddies even if we break. Communication is a key to any relation, no matter it’s friendship or love, but this time what’s killing me from inside is you not wanting to communicate any more! Me dying to know the reason behind your responses have been praying for your good health and better times there!

Why do I feel like you are not like others, You are in some problem not wanting to share to anybody! Only this heart knows how much I miss you everyday! I have stopped watching romantic movies and you-tube. You know what you have always been my priority, my most precious human on earth, with an urge of not wanting to give up on you I have been writing this everyday letter to you, cause I have no more guts of letting being ignored every time I call you.

Some one always said, no one is too busy or too free here, depends on what priority you have in his/her life for yourselves. May be you have moved on, or may be not.

One last time, please do tell me the reason behind all these happenings, I am never gonna come in your path. Wishing you the best goodbyes, I am gonna help you in every ups and downs you go through in your life. But, just give me a final response and I can move on freely, You know a final response! Thus curiosity is killing me!

Do take care hai! I am always there for you! With a heavy heart, I don’t even know if I carry the right to tell you “ I love you” I am ending my feelings for today!

Stay tuned till tomorrow! Will come again tomorrow with the same hope! Keeping you in my prayers I have missed you like anything and trust me I mean it!

With a loving heart

Prasuma ❤

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?