This is my everyday letter to you, till we gonna be in contact. I am gonna write my feelings I wanna say every day to you! With a hope that one day you will read and reply!

Dear you ❤

Self quarantine has been harder than anything these days. The phase of you been totally out of contact, not replying my messages and ignoring my calls, I literally am dying to know what actually has gone wrong. You know and knew how important are you to me.

Every day, I miss you! Since, I have no more guts to call you, with a hope of getting your response someday soon, I am going to write my heart out in this letter everyday to you! My every day feelings I wanna express to you, despite we not being in communication is going to be in this letter!

It’s been 5 days we have not been in contact. Even today, I wake up at 10 p.m with a solo hope of getting your calls. I literally told everything to you, about my hard days, what I went through when you were not with me and my unexpressed feelings for you!

I today don’t talk with anyone! I am out of my social media accounts and not in contact with my friends, why would I reply those bulk of texts when the person I wanna talk is out of my reach? I don’t know why are you not responding to my calls and messages, I get tears in my eyes when I go through them everyday!

Seeing other people in love makes me smile and think of you. That is why, I have stopped using my social media accounts. This time you literally promised me you are gonna be by my side no matter what happens. You are my never ending blog I can write for my whole life.

I stare at something for more than hours and don’t feel like speaking to anyone. The every time thought of getting your response has made me numb, I have stopped laughing. I have gone helpless. I can’t watch a whole movie today, I can’t focus on anything. The phase of 12–5 be’s the hardest phase for me! I literally go dumb .

You knew, how much I feared of losing you this time! You knew the love our lips shared, I could never think of anyone except you. I don’t know what is gonna happen but today I have gone helpless. Every word I said in valentines letter to you, I meant every word of that! I fear if this heart will ever love any other guy!

It’s self quarantine, everyone are locked in their houses, my parents think I am sad, cause I am missing my junk foods, movie times, basemark days, bhat bhateni walk. But who knows what I am going through. The pain inside me is something I am not being able to share my parents, I wish I was with my friends, I would not suffer this much!

So many things to say, we ended with a loving good bye, I still don’t know what exactly went wrong that you started behaving this weird. I have started thinking about our good old days, once I start thinking of all these I can’t get control over my tears.

I know you don’t like long messages, I am not going to make it long. I just wanna say, please respond fast, I am in wait of your reply. I wish every of these things were a bad dream something very different than reality. I am never gonna talk about any other guys to you anymore trust me. We will soon make our sukute plan go successful. Trust me, even today you are someone to whom I wake up to, and “ I love you” ! I might never love anyone like I have loved you till my heart’s gonna revolve.

I have been wishing for your good health everyday! I just want you to take care of yourselves! You take care hai! I am always there for you!

lot’s of love

My love ❤

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?