Cope with Mental Turmoil during Covid-19 pandemic!

Mental health is a big damn serious issue. There’s no shame in seeking support. We can’t remain hyper motivated every time, there are days when we remain super low, it’s natural and normal. Pain and uncomfortabilities are the best ways of understanding life.

Just remember, You are not alone. Here are some advice's and processes to cope with mental issues during hard times.

We all are those happy bones.

1. Self love and self talk

Self love is a process. It is a beautiful journey to slowly fall for yourself.You are your biggest cheerleader, not your biggest criticizer.You can fall in love with yourself by taking smaller risks, challenges and making promises to yourself.You are the love and enough regardless. Beyond every understandings it’s so necessary to nurture your inner child.

Positive self talk is so necessary. Be grateful to the universe and adore your body and emotions. No on has that right to make you happy or unhappy.

2. Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation is the best way of knowing yourself. Universe is a creator, we can’t demand and complain the creator. Universe knows what we want and will make it happen. Understanding things in a deeper way and feeling sensations is the way of practicing mindfulness. Meditation helps us connect to our inner self and build passion within ourselves.

3. Do things you love

Know and understand your passion. Brainstorm and make a list of things you love and practice them. Spend time doing things you can completely get immersed into. Explore new ideas and learning. Don’t force yourself, just enjoy things you are doing.

4. Keep yourself Hydrated

Drink at least 2–3 litres of water everyday. You can also try drinking lemon water or salad soaked water. Water treats you the way you treat it. It’s good to drink water in Tamba or Chares bottle or cup. If possible avoid using plastic bottles. Water is also your best energizer and helps you remain calm.

5. Connect with your closest ones

Best friends are always your best therapist. It’s okay to share your problem with people you love to spend time to. It is proven that 50% of our problem get minimized by sharing. You can face time and do fun tasks with them.

6. Journalize your thoughts

If you don’t have anyone to share your problems with or you are not comfortable with it. Another best way is to journalize your thoughts. Write what you feel, this gives you best relaxation. Trust me.

7.Move your body

Stretch your body and move your legs. Exercising helps in production of endorphin hormones which is a feel good hormone.If you are joyful by your nature you will do your best and that is all what matters. It is meditation in motion. Try some hard jumba steps or yoga poses.

8. Acquire new skills

This phase of not having any work pressure is the best time to learn new skills. You can try cooking, makeup skills, photography, editing, games and many more. They make you feel goo about yourself and manage your schedule.

9. Embrace your specialty

You are unique and you know that. You have your own special talent. When you are confident about the things you can do, you can laugh at the things you can’t do. This is the startup for a happier life. You matter, Your words matter. You are there for your self. You are worth it.

10. Bloom with grace

Connect yourself with nature. Focus on breathe in and breathe out. Feel the touch of air and water. Listen to the sounds of beautiful birds and refreshing morning. Smell fruits and flowers. Nature is the best healer.Spending more time with soil (earth) also helps to manage our hormones and energy.

11. Listen to soothing tunes

Listen to relaxing music and tunes. Go through amazing podcasts and songs you love.

12. Manage your nutrition

Focus on your diet. Eat healthy foods and fruits. Since we are not able to order much these days, this is the best way to schedule your diet and know your body.

13. Game changer

Replacing “why is this happening to me” with “What is this trying to teach me” is a game changer. Spirituality is the best way to connect to your inner self. Cut of toxic’s and let go things.

14. Healing is a mess

Time is the best healer. Healing is a mess you break down and get shattered. It’s okay someday you would not even feel like getting out of bed. It’s okay. It’s necessary to give yourself space and time. It takes time, but you will have to wake up collect your broken pieces and move on. This is a process. Everything will be fine.

15. You are not alone

Stress is an issue. Many of us go through, but feel shamed to talk and share. Remember you are not alone. Don’t feel ashamed. There are many free counselling programme going on even in Nepal these days. You can also talk to me if you really want to share your situations. I am always there to listen those unheard voices. I may not be able to give best advices, but I can talk and listen to you.

Every thing will be fine soon. Let’s transform this lock down to “luck-down”.

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?