Don’t you think the way we are compelling things to work and to be managed is sometimes too sophisticating?

It’s been 5 months of my everyday online classes 6 hours in front of the laptop sitting still and not uttering a single message of answers. Sometimes I get the answers faster and correctly but I don’t type, why? Is it because I fear of being judged or get compared to with others if my answers get wrong. I feel only audibly imagining things happening without knowing how things really work, Can we get a confidence of declaring that thing to be right until and unless we get it from inside. We say today we have social medias, you tubes and platforms to learn, excellent teachers no doubt, but every student is not similar. It’s not that the teaching methodologies must be changed but why don’t people understand we all have a different way of looking and understanding at things. The article you can understand by reading, others can understand it in a pictorial way.

Some understand by doing , touching or feeling the senses. Looking continuously on a book, methods and saying us to get a conceptual understanding, can we get concepts only imagining? Estimating laws and standards this is right and this is supposed to be wrong, can’t there be any practical acts that can be organized to make us understand? I sometimes get confused, why were we taught to be first in class and only remarked the first child. Compared and forced to compete, where is moral science of unity?

Hard work, everyone says, you have a very less time, do hard work. But sitting still besides my copy, clicking videos to get references from, the whole night trying to solve that one question which, am still not able to! What do I say it is? Foolish work? But I was only taught that way. Everything said, must be captured by my brain, if I don’t then I am not concentrating. What if I am fully into it but not being able to understand? We have diversity in cultures, festivals, food taste, clothes, we talk about individual perspectives, when we go on a movie in a group of friends it’s not bound to that everyone of us will be liking the movie, right? And why do we just go lame here? The person wants to learn, know but what if they are not understanding just sitting and listening. But what do we do? We rank here! It’s simple she understands differently and I understand differently. But we both are taught in a same way! And never thought about this.

From very small ages we were taught the sky is blue, the colours of water to be coloured blue, and judge it with a red mark if it is coloured with any other colours. But never were we taught that water has no colour, it posses the colour of the container it is kept in. I realized it very later, I am glad that we are getting familiar with Montessori teaching these days. Students who are shy and introvert must be encouraged when they are in their childhood phases. Yeas some people are confident from young ages, but that doesn’t mean the students who are shy must not be given any chances.

We are kept in a box(class room) and said to imagine the sky is blue. But what were we never taken to the balcony and see how the sky actually looks. We see rainbows sometimes in the sky, when flood arises the rivers go black, the sky at night goes dark. Until and unless we see these things, we talk about days and nights and experience then, how can we just estimate things to be standard. Every child is capable, every adult is. Do you know why do we fail or are considered of being rejected? Cause sometimes we can’t match the standards that were to be met! Little knowledge is dangerous, we quote we are great at it infact. Motivations and speeches that makes us yawn sometimes, you know why? Because everyone of us are given the same speeches every where, which some may match and some may never.

I am confused, are we supposed to take everything seriously and smartly. Can’t things be generated in a fun and smart way. There’s nothing monotonous it’s how we create it. We can learn physics in basketball, chemistry in cooking, bio in fruits but why were we never said that? Think out of the box? How?……

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?