If wanting to be friends with someone you felt would be your support for years and today is a complete stranger is a symbol of losing your self worth, I don’t really care. I don’t know what was I to you when we were best for each other, but for me you were my best healer. My best friend and the sweetest human seen till date.

I was scrolling my hidden pictures and I found your pictures there, I missed you. To all the letters I have written to make you fall for me, today I realize how lame I really was! How can I make someone fall for me? I bombarded my feelings upon you, but I never realised I was burdening you with words that were compressing you!

You know what, you were a sweetheart. Why didn’t you say anything? Why did you go silent when so many things were disturbing you at a time. Even though I was a bit matured than you, but I was super immature in case of balancing thoughts and emotions. May be I regarded you as my genie for my problems and kept on filling your days with my complains. You could have said, I was insane at that time.

I had a hard time dealing with all these. I was not okay for days and months, infact I am still healing. The only nightmare that awakes me at night even today is you and I being complete strangers. There have been weeks I spent with so much of self doubt and guilts to regrets. But now I forgave myself, cause those days they were the only possible thing I though I could do! But my intentions were never to hurt you. May be I unintentionally made you suffer. I send you positivity for that ❣️

I had this life long fear of departure. I have never loved goodbyes even if they been for a good cause or to that person I really don’t care about. To all the nights I cried thinking my fear to be depression and frustration, I now realise they were all the outcomes of departures I faced in those courses of time. I always say to everyone you are free to move on, but I would respect your last words!❤️

Have I congested your thoughts in such a way that you don’t even feel like having a casual talk? Believe me I have no hatreds for you! Never did I have nor will I have ever. Today, I woke up with your dream call. I kept smiling the whole day.

Hey, the day you would read this, I would love to be friends. Trust me never will I make you apologise or think of any of those past events. Never am I going to insist you for playing your role as my partner. Let’s erase all the awkward memories we have and move on!

Can we be friends?


I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?