Dear life,

I got 26 days for my Cap2 exams and I am not done with a single group. Our classes are still running for group one, where the another group is about to finish. I was taking group one classes and at one moment I felt like: what am I doing with my life? Not being able to manage what am I going to do next, this is surreal. I felt so messed up.

From today, I thought of not taking my online classes for group 1. And thought of going only for group 2 for this attempt. Everything's been so unpredictable these days, I sometimes feel what if the days of exams get postponed and I regret on my decisions? I am so confused.

I need to work hard for group 2, so that I don’t get regrets on not going through both groups, and overcome my dilemma of this phase.

Will see you guys after my exams, take caree……

-Prasuma ❤

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