Hey guys! Good morning, it’s 6:24 in Nepal. No doubt my alarm was ringing from 4:30, I woke at 5:32a.m. But yeas some minutes earlier from yesterday, and am happy. These simpler initiations matter, yeas they do. It’s been fifteen minutes, that I have been trying to open my laptop and it’s just not supporting me. But, finally yea, my classes are about to begin after 6 minutes.

The good part is today, I went for a morning walk, felt a bit dizzy to move at first, but I felt ,so refreshing. It had been more than weeks I had not gone for a nature walk, I felt so good. Such a good start for the day, isn’t it?

How was your morning? Yesterday, the first day of challenge was beautiful, where I could do only some of my initiations, which I have created a checklis of may I show you all.

You all might be wondering: the green symbolizes the thing I initiated perfectly, yellow: I initiated but wasn’t that satisfying and the red one’s which were not initiated properly. I wish today’s checklist to go green guys, let’s be honest!

My dear people, I will meet you guys, every nights now yea, giving you the reviews of my day, make your mornings wonderful, get into your best fit and go for a walk, photoshoot nature and journalize your thoughts, let’s create life, let’s explore living to initiate a better living.

To all the challenges sometimes we become so lethargic, and demotivated, please do talk to someone you feel comfortable to, whom you feel like would listen your voice. Up for a new programme on mental health, yet not been finalized, finger’s crossed.

Sometimes in a rush we make decisions that become harsh for us later, my beautiful soul, never make decisions when you are too angry or too happy, simply when you are overwhelmed. I will meet you all at the evening from tomorrow, see yaa!

It’s going to be all right. Sending you all tons of courage and positivity! love love ❤