It’s Wednesday, one of my favourite days of the week. It’s 6:18 p.m. in Nepal, and I was supposed to have my online classes. My lecture has been delayed, due to short of electricity in my teachers place. He has told to inform us, but has not said anything yet. Some days to go for exams, and sometimes I loose my nerves, I don’t know why. Today I woke up really late and since three days, I was not having my online classes, I was not reaching out to you guys, as I was not waking early, according to my said time, and I am really really sorry for that people ❤

Today I woke up, tried lauka ko juice(bottle guard juice) and I really liked it. I found it beneficial for urine tract problem, fatigue and anxiety, constipation, gastritis, blood pressure, skin problems, diabetes and many more. You can try that too. The day felt really good. Consuming these products really makes us mindful and energetic. Away from tablets why not try these things too.

When I was reading news updates, I somewhere got to know about eco friendly clothes, and I started surfing my closet, where I could hardly find 2–3 eco friendly products. Damn, how much are we deteriorating our dear earth. Tons of clothes, just for fashion? I then surfed lana blakely’s youtube along with sudha di’s posts. I was really inspired by people following minimalistic life style. Waoo, being kind to mother earth. Being mindful about products we are consuming.

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I was really shocked when I found, a sanitary pad takes over 500 to 800 years to decompose due to the plastic material used, so use of menstrual cups, and hand made pads are really appreciated. I made a list of sustainable and eco friendly brands which I really want to share:

Dinadi, Paila, Marina Vaptzarova, Kokroma, Local Women’s Handicrafts,Tyre Treasures, Nepal Knotcraft Centre, AAMO by Aayusha Shrestha, Aji’s, Pia, The Shampoo Bar Kathmandu, Nepal Blue Mountain, The White Yak, Tatwa, Danfe Works, Kolpa, Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop, Ekadesma, HattiHatti, Bottles to Beads, Jamarko, Purnaa, The Local Project, Karma Coffee Nepal, Antidote Nepal, will be adding if I get to know more.

Thought Clothing, Pact, Alternative Apparel, Outerknown, People tree, Tentree, Boden, Reformation, Eco Vibe, Cuyana, Amour Vert, Organic Basics, Threads 4 Thoughts, Patagonia, Sezane, Able, Tradlands, Kotn, Levi’s, United by Blue, Vetta, Hackwith design house, Fair trade winds, Fair Indigo, ADAY, Black beat Co., Petite Studio, Encircled, Lacausa, DOEN, Indigenous, Whimsy+Row, MATE The label, Vege Threads, Tonle, Jenni Kayne, Monsoon, Sotela.

I was really keen to know about all these today, and I am really loving to get concerned about nature. Pollutions are there but our small initiation can create a bigger impact to our dear earth. The wrappers we throw, I don’t know where they all are disposed. I am really glad to hear about thrifted shops in Nepal these days, and knowing about recycle here makes me feel so good.

I have continued going on a evening walk and I have really found a change in my living. Dpoing things forcefully and doing things you love creates a greater difference. I used to go to lethargic morning walks, but I was somewhere not feeling the impact, but loving evening walks whereby I could utilize my mornings with meditations and facial yoga’s.

Here’s a festive season in Nepal, the covid cases are still rapid. Along with mortality rate, the cases of people recovering are also in progress. But the system is still lacking, things are still unmanaged and the government still taking those vague decisions.

How are your days going on? What’s new happening in life? What’s the prettiest thought you came up with?

Let me share mine: It was hugging my pet, seeing outside the window and getting mindful about nature. I have increased my water intake, haha I have to rush for pee time and often, but will be balanced once it becomes a habit.

Any regrets? It’s okay to feel bad yea, but don’t keep regrets that eat you up. Forgive yourselves like you forgive your dearest people. You deserve to be forgiven my love.

Relationship issues? I watched a very beautiful line from sudha di’s insta feed today. Before getting into relationship with any other person let’s make sure that we are in a perfect relationship with ourselves. No one has the right to tear or create scars on our heart. We are there as our own savior and this can only be possible when you love yourself. How to love yourself? I will come up with this soon yea.

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I will meet you guys soon yea. Be happy and share your problems. There is always a way, if not then there’s another way too.

Have a good sleep. You are amazing, yes you are! What ever you have planned of doing, that’s amazing, you can do that, just go for it! It’s never late.

Love you all(Prash)

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I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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