To, my sister, Nirmala!

Subject: I wish I could fight for you.

Dear sister,

You went numb, beyond all those characters who embedded you to the journey of rape to death, you went far away from the reality. We searched you the whole night, but you were out of life somewhere. I can never go through the pain you went, but I could see the harsh times you faced.

Every nights, I sit under the sky to count the enormous stars in the sky and search for the most scary star. I know the moment you were hanged to death was the time you were super scary and hoping for someone to come and rescue. Pity on your belief dear sister.

That day, I was scrolling you tube, and suddenly a picture clinged my concentration. I opened the tab to go through the news, and it was insanely disheartening. You were already gone, and people were all so in a hurry to make a news with your lifeless body. Who cared for emotions, everyone were busy shouting, busy giving lectures but where did the investigation paused, and your murder became a mystery.

The time you were snatched by those hungry hands, in a rush to taste your body and to make you sleep forever. You might have shouted, begged for help! But, curse to the rascal, who was addicted in the flow of time, and didn’t even think twice to remove your clothes. Bitter times to the animal, who in thirst of breaking you completely, paralyzed, your heart beat for the rest of time.

Dear sister, he might be harmlessly walking today, in the fields you were forced to death, laughing in mimics and may scroll your page everyday for the updates. Believe me sister, he will never remain happy for the rest of his life, he will be searching for ways to remove everything he did with you as a nightmare, but he can never. He can never be normal, your voices will make him wake up, every midnight and disturb his sound sleep.

That scary star, will never give him brightness, to upgrade his life. In a country like Nepal, the provision is missing.So, we can’t hope for justice here. It’s been more than 4 months, but the policy is still dumb, so what is the profit of fake resolutions they show in front of public. We can’t do anything, because we lack power. But yeas, the person will never survive out of guilt, he will go mad and ruin his life for the rest of living. He will die in guilt!!

I wish I could fight for you dear sister, but my voices can’t be heard. I can only keep you in my prayers, and the rest is I can see the government faking, and medias rushing to make news about you, for publicity. I feel bad, pissed off, but I am unable to do anything, except to write for you, with a hope that one day I get into power, I will work for girls self defense. I couldn’t save you, but someday I wish I could make girls so capable on themselves, that they wont fear for disasters, like you went through. They would walk alone fearlessly in every streets and reach home safely.

I know you will provide strength to me, for my work!

Waiting for that day!!

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?