Dear life,
Did I somewhere loose my conscience in the runway of narrow paths, that I started making deals with the shining stars, to only glow in my happy moods. The bitter truths about life, better be’s the turning point, we don’t wanna cling them. No doubt, every heart has a closed chapter that has visions, indeed thoughts entangled to be expressed.

Even though, my words were ready, my strength was never prepared to speak out. Those 12 Years of hell life, times I had gone through, those poisonous betrayal, made me pass through mental trauma. Heart gave up, years ago but mind was tending to be strong, with a dream that I will escape!

I have a dream to escape!!

That time, I was 7, Just 7; homing in a fairy world, happiness everywhere and dreams high. Returning back from market, with a candy in my hand, I was running to show my mother. Those days, I had a dream of collecting more candies more than my friends had. On the way, I met two stranger women, offering me more candies. Uggh, childish days, why would I deny for candies. I happily went with them, yeas, they gave me many candies. There,I met many children of my age, I was moreover happy, that I started playing with them till the evening. As if it was late, I insisted them to drop me home. They tried convincing me, but I wasn't. Mouth blocked with cotton, they pierced a big injection in my small hand, that I woke up after 48 hours. Yeas, I was sold for candies.

Crying in search of my mother, I was broke down, with a hope that my superhero dad will come and take me out. From the very day, I was on duty. You know, on duty, with a deal that, I will be sold to a prostitute as I turn 12, a street beggar till then. Days went on, but never the hope expired. With a old plate on my hand, I used to roam on streets to beg. Mouth that searched for candies, than seeked for food and water. I was beaten every night, like every single night, just because I couldn't make more money.

Days turned colorless, when I lost a hand of mine, on the race of making me look merciful, to earn more money. And yeas, they were correct, I started to earn more than anyone in the race, after the day I was handicapped. Stopped being beaten at nights, somewhere the pages of harassment were initiating. Considering my disability as my weakness, I used to be harassed on the busy streets, every coming day. Mouths were unable to speak, in such a nasty place where none was mine. Indeed, my wounds were getting deeper.

My scratched mouth, nose with unwanted mucus, turned off clothes, ragged appearance were searching for mediums to escape. Somewhere bounded to the limits to do's and don’t, may be I was losing my existence, Or, I did never carry an Identity. My dreams were getting shattered, lacking visions!

I was growing up, growing up with a fear that, once I turn 12, I will be sold. The fear of not meeting my mother again, fear of living my whole life in dismay, where I will be brutally harassed with the flow of time. My tears were leaving me. Even my heart cried loud, my eyes were never wet, because they drained years ago. The cycle was going on, dreams were bigger but the same harsh reality.

Finally, tears rolled upon my eyes, the they day when I saw my parents. I was shocked to see a baby in my mothers lap. I felt like, may be I am confused, but I could feel their vibes. Yeas, they were my parents. I ran, crying loud, hugged my mother hard. Trying to push me back, my parents refused to recognize me. I tried telling them, the story I went through. The disability, that bothered me from being identified. My father pushing me, went away, didn't even turn back once. I could experience the fear in their eyes, but love for me was no more. Pity on me! I kept on crying, my eyes were wet after many years.

The next day, I woke up on a hospital bed. I was found lying on the streets, due to low blood pressure; said the doctor. I got to know, that a wise police officer brought me, who was trynna find my identity, may be in search of my parents. Bursting into tears,I spoke my heart out. As, I couldn't give more info's, the search turned out impossible. The only clue left was to take them, where I actually belong those days, to the beggars street. I was happy that the child labor gang was arrested and all my friends were free.

My curiosity of finding my parents was increasing. My life took a turn, when the police officer came with a news that, I was an unwanted child. My parents sold me, just because they never wanned a daughter. My birth was possible, as abortion after three months was impossible. My life was devastated. With questions on my head, I was frustrated thinking why did they decide to keep me for 7 years, and leave me alone to be the fodder of hunger to evil minds. I was totally broke down.

Wishes of seeing my so called mom and considered superhero dad, lasted no more. I was awarded the national child hero 2012, for helping to arrest the child labor gang. A dream to escape turned out true. I now had no more fear of being sold, of begging on the streets and being harassed. Indeed, a dream of getting back to parents was left out somewhere.

When a dream of mine was getting expired, a new realistic beautiful life was waiting for me. Fortunately, I was adopted by that wise police officer. I got a new life, A new hope, New parents and more love. I am today more confident in the way I am. Leaving behind my past, I have started to enjoy the present. Not even a single wish of seeing those so called parents again. Helping me to go through all those obstacles, my new parents gave me a new life. The only Dream, I carry today is to make my parents feel proud on their decision of adoption and guilt to those insane people, who left me to die in greed of a son.

No matter, my wings someday were tied and my flight was delayed, Today I am flying more freely and living my Dreams.
Of course, I have started to believe in miracles. Yeas, when you create your own design of living, dreams get fulfilled, the only difference is the game of time.
So, never stop to follow your DREAMS, because the limitations are not bounded to certainties.

Be happy!

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?