It’s happy new year, and how can I not wish you a happy new year. Thanks for being my favorite part of 2020, things now are different I know and it’s perfectly okay. You somewhere being happy chappy in your own life, wonders in your days, I just want to pass some good vibes for good year ahead for you.

You are a sweetheart ❤ 2021, may this year bring all your wishes come true, and more bliss, charm in your days.


Dear 2021,

I now bid a farewell to 2020, and am ready for every challenges, times and happy phases to accept in 2021 as mine. As a whole, I from the core of my heart welcome you dear 2021.

2020 was different, somewhere between the corners of my room, in a device, I had to reschedule my plans and purposes, but the best part is GOAL was no different. I saw my parents suffer, the crisis of emotions, money and wellbeing. I saw a time where we would wake up to the same schedule, and see every person changing paths away from us, as we did not carry the same power and prestige as before. I have seen my family gone through worst terms and conditions, health hazards and a new shocking news the every other day. I have seen my parents plan days and weeks, with no clue on what is going to be next. I have seen my father being the only source of income, where rest of us were having our business down. I have seen people getting rude for money, people who were with us, not wanting to be with us. I saw the cruel side of money in 2020 indeed. …

So what’s toxic relationship? I have been in different bonds with many people out there and always felt every one of them is very special and unique.

After a recent incident I realised something or I got stuck into something! It really hurts when people you prioritise don’t wanna be with you anymore right? But sometimes we can’t feel the bond. The attachment of you feeling the deepest bonds for someone, it’s really different how someone feels and it’s their perspective of living life which I totally agree with. …

Date: 22nd December 2020

Time: 5:50 p.m evening

Can I be yours for a day?👑

I wanna catch your hand


Gently kiss your lips

In a dismay,

I wanna lean on your shoulders

the whole day!🦋

To your warmth,

I have missed

These 10 months

I know,

How days have been!😔

Without you,

I feel lifeless

Can you awake me for a day?😊

A year before on this day

You and I

talked for hours!🥰

I so want my first wish

to be yours


Can you feel that connection?🐙

I know, things are not the same


Just for a…

Dear life,

I got 26 days for my Cap2 exams and I am not done with a single group. Our classes are still running for group one, where the another group is about to finish. I was taking group one classes and at one moment I felt like: what am I doing with my life? Not being able to manage what am I going to do next, this is surreal. I felt so messed up.

From today, I thought of not taking my online classes for group 1. And thought of going only for group 2 for this attempt. Everything's been so unpredictable these days, I sometimes feel what if the days of exams get postponed and I regret on my decisions? …

It’s Wednesday, one of my favourite days of the week. It’s 6:18 p.m. in Nepal, and I was supposed to have my online classes. My lecture has been delayed, due to short of electricity in my teachers place. He has told to inform us, but has not said anything yet. Some days to go for exams, and sometimes I loose my nerves, I don’t know why. …

Have you ever experienced a time in life when you feel totally lost and you find no purpose in your life? I have. I know you have experienced those emotions too. Somedays are just not our days, we feel messed up, we lie on floor, think about our fears and add dilemma to our life. Things that had time, feels like there’s no time anymore. It’s 4:16 and yaay, in the process of getting my goal time, initiations are always better, it feels so good.

Good morning, my people ❤

How have you guys been? How’s the state of corona virus in your place? It’s been 7 months we all are in our houses, just doing online activities, and I feel like I have somewhere left life. At the age of 20, what’s the best thing to think about? A failed career? Lost love? Academics? Passion? …

Hey guys! Good morning, it’s 6:24 in Nepal. No doubt my alarm was ringing from 4:30, I woke at 5:32a.m. But yeas some minutes earlier from yesterday, and am happy. These simpler initiations matter, yeas they do. It’s been fifteen minutes, that I have been trying to open my laptop and it’s just not supporting me. But, finally yea, my classes are about to begin after 6 minutes.

The good part is today, I went for a morning walk, felt a bit dizzy to move at first, but I felt ,so refreshing. It had been more than weeks I had not gone for a nature walk, I felt so good. …

Hey guys, good morning guys, woke up at 5:40 am, still a long run to go to achieve my goal time, but yaay the initiation was not bad.

Tomorrow morning I will tell you guys what I did, as I am going to updates my blog as soon as I wake up, got 8 hours of online class today have to get prepared for all those.

To do list: checked!

Happy day guys! ❤️

Damn, my people what do I say, it’s been more than a month that I have been feeling so lethargic and tired all the time, loosing concentrations, not focusing and stressing out, not following healthy diets, stopping my workouts and yoga’s. While I must say I have not even gone to balcony, too unaware about earth and nature. I miss nature, I miss talking with my stars, I miss my morning walks, and I have not even managed time todo them all.

I really want to start again. You know what it’s never late to start, it’s okay if you were off the track, now you get back again. …


Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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