Hey all,

You know sometimes some people just intentionally keep us in situations that are hard for us to deal with, and they take advantage of our times to judge and make assumptions about us, and the kind of human being we are, when they know the situations. Though the sad fact is they claim them to be our close friends among the crowds where our heart knows we aren’t.

Some friends are families and some are different. We don’t know what are they. They remember us when they need us financially and emotionally. And when we can’t fulfill up-to…

My dear you,

When months pass by and I think things are now faded, again the reminder of you being alive in my heart triggers when I see at those stars in the sky. The reminder of your warmth when I hold the pillow besides me when I can’t sleep at midnight. The reminder of you being in my prayers when I wish someone a Subha Din.

How are you? How’s everything? How’s life?

Mine? It’s kinda boring these days. I finished my exams and thankfully they were very good this time. Though I have doubts on a group and…

Day 7- Second Injection day

Why are summer days so hard for pets? Juli was not showing her normal habit since a month and we just thought it to be the effect of seasonal change. With time we thought she would be fine, but she started being too lethargic and unresponsive to many things. Noticing the gradual change in her body, we took her to the veterinarian doctor, and they figured out Allergies on her skin. They prescribed her some vitamins, spray and a body lotion. Her allergies were healing with time but Juli was still lethargic, and still showed…

Dear juli,

It feels bad to see you restless, not wanting to bark and walk. To see you in pain, and scratches all over your body. 😔 I can’t feel the pain in your body, and you can’t even speak to me. I know, I can see you not being in your healthy state, but I don’t know what’s going wrong in your body.

You hold my heart, and my days shatter to see you in pain. You not being able to communicate with me properly, where did we go wrong to take care of your body? …

Dear mamu,

You are a piece of my heart, who keeps on loving me even in my worst days, and be’s the happiest in my pretty days. It’s always a logarithm between us, that you are the one who keeps on showering the unconditional love to me. You accepted me the way I am, my flaws, my habits, my individuality and me as your daughter. There are times when things aren’t fine between us, but you would never pinch me with your words.

In my days, you have always been my motivation, my best human.💚 You give me a shoulder…

You are the love and you are enough 💚

Somedays back a very dear person said me, “ Don’t seek for love, Be the love. Try finding that love within you…how your heart, you yourself are capable of giving immense love to you is amazing.” And this is so true. Never did I realize that there exists a bond between me and myselves that is so pure and so deep.

It’s so strange, how it took me years to know and fall in love with myselves. To learn my priorities and embrace my flaws. …

Just you,

Here are words I can’t tell but I can express. Loving you was like flowing in a deep ocean, not knowing where my destiny was, but floating and embracing every new experiences, places and pampering I got. Long time, no see right? Oh sorry, long time no talk, no see, not in touch.

I just don’t love how people standardise love. Love can happen in different ways and in any situation, there is so much of peace in love, life in love and dedication towards each other. …

Dear hearts,

Sometimes the only thing the another person is wanting is a distance, and things we focus on is the way to pamper them. But the thing is the situation is so different that your pamper is not their priority anymore and the only thing they want is detachment from you. You don’t get this point at that particular time. You dwell on your emotions, you are not even in your right condition, you don’t keep any love for yourselves and keep powering it to the next person, who just lets it to flow. They wont store it with them because…

I keep my world very far from the crowds. Some limited but very caring-loving friends, family, my pet and my small room. My thoughts, my memories sometimes my fears and my insecurities. It’s so beautiful to get connected with nature and feel the process of inhaling and exhaling after you wake up, get connected to the world and experience emotions.

It’s a small reach but a happy tribe. Sometimes we don’t know what’s really important to us, what makes us happy. Growing and learning I am finding as much as I am surrounding myselves with people who don’t keep initiating…

Date: 19th Baisakh 2078

Day: A very special day🦋

( A day when my super lady was born❣️)

Happiest birthday to you Sathi. You have been the best person in my life who has been with me, in every beautiful and low days. And on your special day I want you to realise how special you are, and how beautifully you deserve all the pretty things around. 🎂

It’s your day sathi❤️

This is your day, you know your day, you can giggle on our silliest music, watch the funniest things, eat and eat and eat and again repeat, grab your best dress and…

Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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