2075, a year that started with a hope of doing something great and have a new start, suddenly, took a U turn in my life.

When I go back to the days, of this year spent, I get goosebumps. To all those failures gone through, I feel I was lucky to experience all those roller-coaster in the days gone by. Times when I was betrayed and no one was there for me, I feel lucky I was strong enough to handle my selves. Stopping my selves from going through depression, I was courageous to forbade my selves from losing my life. In the race of success, I got to know no one’s actually mine truly, except my mom, dad and my pet .

Dear 2075, you gave me best friends and even didn’t wait for 2076 to begin for them to change into strangers. I got the best days of my life and the greatest tragic. A girl who had a fairy dream, started to get nightmares of her career getting destroyed. Her childish stories were now somewhere faded and searched for motivation speakers to get back into sound sleep.

A girl who would always secure her selves in a vain of father’s princess and mother’s love, now started to know the value of life. She started to deal alone with all the problems on her way. It was not easy for her, although the ups and downs taught her to be independent. Someone who had a fear of crowd now chose a profession, where she would 24/7 be commanding the crowd and yeas it is an achievement. An introvert chose extrovert profession.

I found my selves, besides my comfort, I found my weakness. At one side where I was super confident on my capacities, the other side I was working on something I always had a doubt on. I thought failed a year of my life striving for my interests and yeas I found, it was not a loss, it was actually a gain. I gave a year to find my selves, whom I truly am, and after 19 years I finally gotcha have friendship with my selves.

2075, you know I would cry day and night for this year to end and think I would keep this year as a black year of my life. But, hey I was mistaken, this year actually needs to have a golden plating in the mystery of my life.

2075, gave me failures, but yeas a maze to deal and get out of it searching paths on my own strength. I lost my best friend, but I found an inspiration in a new companion whom I used to adore as a audience. It gave me cries but many reasons to laugh at, the mistakes I did, and strategies to improve it. I got a new residence where I created my fairy world of happiness, my room where I rule. I met new people indeed I got new experiences. I learned to dress and present my selves well. I started blogging for my interest. I became more confident on my self. I joined new medias, I learned photography, I anchored for our own family channel, I started getting familiar with music, I experienced the glam of gym and jumba,,I got my licence for my scooty, renovated my Instagram to a glam gram, moreover I made a choice which is actually necessary, because nothing in life is mandatory, it’s your perspective that matters.

Most necessarily, I found that depression is not directly proportional to ending your life, because everything happens for a reason and that’s the better tomorrow.

2075 actually became a blessing year to me. Mentally I am now ready to tackle all the obstacles that 2076 gonna give me. Physically I am fit according to my health, but am gonna work more on my physique on 2076. I am gonna explore my weakness and work on it even more. I am gonna prioritize my education . Most importantly, I wish my 11:11 wish (❤) comes true, I wish you a happy new year like we used to 3 years back, and we would no more act to remain strangers on 2076. Life is gonna hit hard but 2075 has made me strong enough. So, 2076 I am coming, be ready to handle my sass!

  • lot’s of love to you and your loved ones.

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?