Dear life,

I got 26 days for my Cap2 exams and I am not done with a single group. Our classes are still running for group one, where the another group is about to finish. I was taking group one classes and at one moment I felt like: what am I doing with my life? Not being able to manage what am I going to do next, this is surreal. I felt so messed up.

From today, I thought of not taking my online classes for group 1. And thought of going only for group 2 for this attempt. Everything's been so unpredictable these days, I sometimes feel what if the days of exams get postponed and I regret on my decisions? …

It’s Wednesday, one of my favourite days of the week. It’s 6:18 p.m. in Nepal, and I was supposed to have my online classes. My lecture has been delayed, due to short of electricity in my teachers place. He has told to inform us, but has not said anything yet. Some days to go for exams, and sometimes I loose my nerves, I don’t know why. …

Have you ever experienced a time in life when you feel totally lost and you find no purpose in your life? I have. I know you have experienced those emotions too. Somedays are just not our days, we feel messed up, we lie on floor, think about our fears and add dilemma to our life. Things that had time, feels like there’s no time anymore. It’s 4:16 and yaay, in the process of getting my goal time, initiations are always better, it feels so good.

Good morning, my people ❤

How have you guys been? How’s the state of corona virus in your place? It’s been 7 months we all are in our houses, just doing online activities, and I feel like I have somewhere left life. At the age of 20, what’s the best thing to think about? A failed career? Lost love? Academics? Passion? …

Hey guys! Good morning, it’s 6:24 in Nepal. No doubt my alarm was ringing from 4:30, I woke at 5:32a.m. But yeas some minutes earlier from yesterday, and am happy. These simpler initiations matter, yeas they do. It’s been fifteen minutes, that I have been trying to open my laptop and it’s just not supporting me. But, finally yea, my classes are about to begin after 6 minutes.

The good part is today, I went for a morning walk, felt a bit dizzy to move at first, but I felt ,so refreshing. It had been more than weeks I had not gone for a nature walk, I felt so good. …

Hey guys, good morning guys, woke up at 5:40 am, still a long run to go to achieve my goal time, but yaay the initiation was not bad.

Tomorrow morning I will tell you guys what I did, as I am going to updates my blog as soon as I wake up, got 8 hours of online class today have to get prepared for all those.

To do list: checked!

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Happy day guys! ❤️

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Damn, my people what do I say, it’s been more than a month that I have been feeling so lethargic and tired all the time, loosing concentrations, not focusing and stressing out, not following healthy diets, stopping my workouts and yoga’s. While I must say I have not even gone to balcony, too unaware about earth and nature. I miss nature, I miss talking with my stars, I miss my morning walks, and I have not even managed time todo them all.

I really want to start again. You know what it’s never late to start, it’s okay if you were off the track, now you get back again. …

I know, you still exist in some part of me. My happy version. I know you are a favourite part of me, I only think to be! Do I somewhere exist within you? Or am faded along with time! 🍀 My dear you! You will remain the favourite chapter of my life forever!

That day, I will write the longest blogs on you, that day life will take a turn, that day I will close chapters of untold mysteries somewhere within words that will remain forever, in books!

To those whose chapters were unfinished, to those who stopped believing, to those who loved! …

Dear you,

Do you remember those days, I used to call you when I missed you and you used to pamper me like a baby. Today, when I miss you I hold the pillow besides me and I smile, thinking about you. I open my laptop and start to write about you, for you! I know, I no more OWE to call you, or message you. Do I? Every nights after my online class ends I go to my balcony and talk with my stars, shhhh! It’s a secret. I have a special star who takes my message to you. …

Will Saturday's ever arrive?

I wake up and open my laptop,

the same old option is that pops up,

6, I get a thrill. My alarm rings,

I am not ready, but it’s already 6:30!

I want to wake up and make my bed,

do my exercise, and chill all day,

go for a walk, then a photoshoot,


will I ever get a holiday?

I wanna bake,

let my body shake, take a selfie,

Am I happy or I am just confused,

I cannot solve the problems, is it a big issue?

I open my screen,

copy the answers,

where are the…

Don’t you think the way we are compelling things to work and to be managed is sometimes too sophisticating?

It’s been 5 months of my everyday online classes 6 hours in front of the laptop sitting still and not uttering a single message of answers. Sometimes I get the answers faster and correctly but I don’t type, why? Is it because I fear of being judged or get compared to with others if my answers get wrong. I feel only audibly imagining things happening without knowing how things really work, Can we get a confidence of declaring that thing to be right until and unless we get it from inside. We say today we have social medias, you tubes and platforms to learn, excellent teachers no doubt, but every student is not similar. It’s not that the teaching methodologies must be changed but why don’t people understand we all have a different way of looking and understanding at things. …


Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

I see different colours in the sky, every other day. Well, I choose to live, what about you?

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